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The practice offers
out of hours and emergency services
to regular attending patients only

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Happiness is your dentist

telling you it won't hurt

and then having him

catch his hand in the drill

~Johnny Carson


Treatments & Prices from January 2024

Acorn Dental Surgery is a private practice.

Dental treatment is undertaken privately for all fee-paying adults. Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials are also available and starts from £24.25 per month (category A). Please ask us for further details and costs.

There is no charge for children under 5 years of age provided one of their parents is a regular attendee at the practice.

To help you look after your teeth, we offer a range of dental products for sale at subsidised prices.

If you have any worries about visiting the dentist, I can help you overcome the situation. Please let us know about any specific issues you may have. You will receive a written quotation with details of any proposed treatment when you have your examination.

Pricing Guides

Denplan Care and Adult Private Fee Guide 2024
Treatment description: Private: Denplan Care:
Examination: £63 Included
Child examination: £31 -
New patient / irregular   attender: £150 £150
Emergency Fee: £125 -
Study models: £63 -
Scale and polish / hygiene   appointment: From £89 Included
X-ray: Included Included
Extractions: £220 Included
Root canal treatment From £460 Included
Prevention and gum treatment with hygienist
30 minute appointment £94 Included
Amalgam: From £175 Included
Composite: From £210 Included
Root fillings:
Incisor: £485 Included
Premolar: £630 Included
Molar: £777 Included
Crowns & Bridges
PBC £793.00 Lab fee only
Recement Crown £105.00 Lab fee only
Recement Bridge £140.00 Lab fee only
Whitening £300.00 -
Bridges From £1100 Lab fee only
Addition   (single tooth) £220 Lab fee only
Reline £259 Lab fee only
Soft lining £300 Lab fee only
Full dentures £1,250 Lab fee only
1 - 3 teeth £956 Lab fee only
4 - 8 teeth £1003 Lab fee only
9 plus teeth £1,250 Lab fee only
(if metal add £265.00 to prices)
Niteguard £177 -
Gumshield £146 -
Single repair £140 -
Additional repairs £30 -
(using impression plus time)
Crown and Bridges
Amoxil £17 -
Metro £17 -
PBC £833 -
Recement Crown £110 -
Recement Bridge £147 -
Out of   Hours Call Out Fee £125 £25

Denplan Care Fees 2023
Fee Code A B C D E
Monthly £24.72 £44.24 £47.10 £53.33 £59.78
Weekly £5.70 £10.21 £10.87 £12.31 £13.80
Daily £0.81 £1.45 £1.55 £1.75 £1.97


All other procedures - hourly rate plus lab fees & materials.

Fees for private treatment are based on the time taken. A guide to typical prices are shown above. Please ask if you require further details. All other procedures are priced on an hourly rate plus lab fee and materials.

We also offer Denplan. Please ask for detailsdenplan


Acorn Dental Maintenance Plan 2024
  • Bronze will include two examinations and two light hygienist appointments per annum £18.93 monthly 

  • Silver will include two examinations and two regular hygienist appointments per annum £24.33 monthly 

  • Gold will include two examinations and four light hygienist appointments per annum £28.80 monthly 

  • Platinum will include two examinations and four regular hygienist appointments per annum £39.61 monthly 

  • Entitled to a 10% discount on treatment at Acorn Dental 

  • Light appointments are for patients with stain removal and light cosmetic maintenance. 

  • Regular appointments are for patients with inflammation, bleeding gum pockets and gum disease. 

  • £100 discount on whitening treatment. 

  • Free emergency assessment, which covers the cost of any xrays required to reach a diagnosis.

New patient / irregular attendee

We are always delighted to welcome new patients to our friendly, caring practice.

Your first appointment will have extra time allocated for us to meet and get to know you. There will be time to examine your mouth in detail, including any necessary x-rays or photography, and to discuss how you would like us to help you. Often there are different options to discuss and you will be presented with a written quotation of any proposed treatment.

We will be happy to discuss any special requirements that are personal to you at this appointment, such as times of the day that are most convenient for you and any special worries that you may have.

Once treatment is complete we arrange a reminder appointment for you to maintain and monitor your dental health for the future.

Examination including x-rays and full oral cancer check Adult £150.00, £31.00 Child.

Study Models £63.00

Preventative Dentistry

The Hygienist & Therapist

The practice hygienist and therapist concentrate on emphasising the importance of prevention of dental disease and maintaining a good looking, healthy and comfortable set of teeth.

Prevention and limitation of the damage caused by dental disease is much better and usually cheaper than treating the effects of the disease once it has become established.

Good gum health is our aim as the gums are the foundation upon which the teeth depend.

£94.00 for 30 minute appointment

Services offered

  • Treatment and prevention of gum disease and dental decay including scaling and polishing of the teeth and preventative lifestyle advice.
  • Preventative fluoride advice and application.
  • Advice on specialist products and brushes, and their use.
  • Plastic coatings on the back teeth to prevent decay in the cracks.
Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is important. It is one of of the first things that you notice when you meet someone. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful; it can help you feel better about yourself and make a better impression.

We feel that appearance is fundamental in dentistry, so please feel free to ask Mr Wells about your particular needs.

To help you achieve your perfect smile, we can offer you an extensive range of cosmetic dental procedures.

Your health and dental care are our highest priorities and we will always consider the general health of your teeth before carrying out any cosmetic procedure.

Our range includes: Whitening, Crowns & Bridges


Under 5's are free of charge providing that at least one of their parents is a regular attendee at the practice.

Examinations £31.00

Emphasis is on prevention, to start off life with a mouth free of fillings and to build up confidence in coming to the practise and associate it with fun.

We use a range of badges and toys to welcome your children to the practice.

We also offer preventative treatments such as plastic coatings to prevent decay in back teeth and advice on fluorides to help the teeth resist decay. The majority of children usually need no fillings with the right prevention in our practise.

Denplan for Children

We have a Denplan for Children plan which is £6 a month and includes two annual examinations per year, application of preventive fluoride if required, monitoring x-rays if required and oral hygiene advice. The incredibly useful Denplan insurance is also included. A brochure can be downloaded at the following link, Brochure Download.

Please contact us for further details or to join.

Your financial investment

After an examination, a treatment plan will be agreed and you will be given a written estimate of the cost of the work to be done.

You may wish to pay by cash, credit card or cheque with bankers card, either as a single payment before the start of treatment or in stages according to the work done on each visit.

Therefore, each time you come please bring some form of payment. Should your treatment involve a laboratory fee then a specified deposit will be requested.

payment methodssoloswitch

We also offer Denplan. Please ask for detailsdenplan